Events Organizing

Aljeyad Al-Oula take attention in making your activities have distinctive footprint to achieve the goal for which the event was established. To reach this demand, we work in Aljeyad Al-Oula in the footsteps of an organization in line with the client’s vision and objectives.

Our  Event Organizations include

  • Events / Seminars / Workshops
  • Exhibitions and trade forums
  • Official openings
  • Promotional activities
  • Launch of new products
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Festivals
  • Art exhibitions
  • Events and social events
  • Sports events
  • Activities of complexes and embassies. From start to date
  • Sales support services
  • Exhibition design and construction services
  • Implementation of Exhibitors’ Guide
  • Services of gathering views and information from exhibitors
  • Communication services between exhibitors
  • Exhibition and registration services
  • Registration services for visitors and data collection
  • Supply schedules of production
  • Local and international shipping services
  • Contracting and communication with suppliers
  • Creation of final reports of the event.