Artistic Design

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As part of the integrated team in Aljeyad Al-Oula, we have the technical department which through it we provide the design and technical design services in all its aspects by a team of professional designers in the fields of technical work to meet the needs of our customers, their confidence and appearance with a product that competes with the latest international design houses and seeking.
Aljeyad Al-Oula seeking reach the advanced level through modern business strategies and brainstorming sessions to build and develop ideas. Through this section we provide the following services:

  • Meeting all art and advertising required for the success of events and conferences.
  • Design and implementation of integrated advertising campaigns.
  • Building visual identities of government and private entities, and developing old identities.
  • Design and production of magazines and management of the press content technically.
  • Providing technical consultations and preparation of advertising studies from various technical angles