Tourism and Leisure Exhibition – 2012

In view of the diversity, variety and changes in the development of tourism and leisure services provided in Saudi Arabia, Which meet the modern ideal requirements of society, And through constant attention to the need for direct communication between the providers of this service and its beneficiaries as one of the most important elements of economic growth, development of quality standards and constructive competition, The idea of the Tourism and Leisure Exhibition was supported by the Tourism Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh as a modest participation in the role of creating the opportunity and facilitating direct communication between individuals, families and interested parties whom are providing the service of tourism and recreation in a single and vital location, through organizing by AlJeyad Al-Oula for exhibitions and conferences, the exhibition “Tourism and Recreation” was held during the period 5-8 / 2 / 1434H corresponding to 18-21 / 12/2012 at the Granada Commercial Center in Riyadh, with an unprecedented local participation with media coverage and comprehensive advertising, This exhibition was an important opportunity for all stakeholders in tourism and entertainment.

For more information about this event have a look on Final Report